Data is difficult. So is running an insurance business.

For this reason, data and reporting all too often fall down an insurer's list of priorities, when in fact it should be at the top.

Our insurance analytics platform was created to help insurers provide world class data and reporting to their teams without having to move heaven and earth to do so. Effective insurance optimisation and analytics should be key parts to any leading insurer's strategy.

Over the years we realised solving this problem is not a project. This is a core capability for your business that requires a true partnership and that is why we have set ourselves up as a service.

Having been on the other side of the fence we know the frustrations of spending days putting together reports or not having access to the data you need, when you need it. We've designed our platform and service to meet all your insurance MI needs, from reporting and analysis to actuarial and data science - we can help your business finally unlock the value of the data you capture.

Our leadership team

Eric Giroux
Eric Giroux

Eric Giroux holds an MBA from the London Business School, and a BEng in Mechanical and Robotic Engineering from École Polytechnique. He is a certified MicroStrategy and Microsoft BI consultant. Eric has a 20-year track record in business analytics; including extensive financial management consulting with Deloitte in London.

He has advised clients in many industries including household names such as GSK, BP, Barclays, Maersk and HSBC. In recent years, Eric has provided MI consultancy and solutions to insurers including the likes of Prudential, Amlin, Willis and companies in the MGA sector. Eric founded the company on the frustration that MI and Data warehousing projects were often costly and didn’t deliver business value.

Since 2007 Eric has developed a unique solution that delivers an accessible platform tailored for rapid and agile deployment. Eric also has a passion for horse welfare, and founded an equine rescue charity in Sussex.

Kevin Allchorne
Kevin Allchorne

Kevin has been a strong proponent of the use of data and analytics throughout his insurance career, particularly in the application to technical pricing of risk, underwriting strategy and risk management.  As such he is well placed to help Giroux gain an even deeper understanding of its insurance industry clients and their needs and to help bridge the gap between technology and the insurance business.

With over 25 years’ experience in the insurance industry, Kevin began as a trainee underwriter in the Lloyd’s market, ultimately becoming a member of Amlin’s senior management team as Global Managing Director for Reinsurance. Since leaving Amlin in 2015, he has been advising companies in and around the insurance sector including vehicle big data specialists – Cazana.  He currently sits on the board of MAP Underwriting Ltd as a Non-Executive Director.

Kevin enjoys running and cycling and relaxes by playing guitar.

Julias House

"GIROUX is proud to be making a regular donation to Julia's House. At the time of the pandemic, we feel moved and inspired by the work Julia's House nurses and carers are doing every day to give physical and emotional support to families in need."

We are a proud supporter of the Salvation Army

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