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Unleashing the power of our client’s INSTANDA system: granular insights for every underwriter operating in commercial combined, farming, and motor.

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The challenge

 Before being introduced to the GIROUX platform, the client struggled to keep on top of multiple sources of data including INSTANDA, their financial systems, and SalesForce. This meant that reporting was a manual and errors prone process.

Reporting was taking weeks to get back to insurers, impacting the level of service the client was able to provide and making the team’s job increasingly challenging. The client also needed a system that would allow them to make quick decisions so that credibility and service was not impacted.

 Ultimately, the client needed a system where data was easily accessible to all, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What were they using before?

Before the introduction of theGIROUX platform, most of the data was captured through INSTANDA and other legacy systems. However, extracting meaningful insights was slow, laborious, and had a significant impact on the client’s underwriters’ job on a day-to-day basis.

 It was instantly apparent that a change was required and, after only a short time using GIROUX, the client’s capacity relationships improved and the team was able to access insightful data at the simple click of a button.

 What are the benefits of Giroux?

The GIROUX platform, enabled the client to:

  • Make empowered, data-driven underwriting decisions
  • Save time
  • Achieve a more predictable and profitable business
  • Automatically produce insurer packs, helping to attract more capacity. The packs contained analyses such as:
    - Product analysis 
    - Triangulation for each binder
    - Claims analyses
  • Access automatic broker reporting to optimise distribution underpinned by data-driven underwriting decisions
  • Boost underwriting profitability using powerful rates and retention metrics.

The results

The GIROUX platform has allowed the client to enjoy the following results:

  • 90% reduction in time by automatically extracting, cleansing, and organising granular data from any system and spreadsheet
  • After implementation of the GIROUX platform ,the client were able to drill into granular sectional information to drive increasingly profitable performance.
  • Capacity relationships were improved, together with the ability to access insightful data at the push of a button.

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