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How car telematics is revolutionising road safety and business efficiency

Car telematics involves monitoring the location, status and behaviour of a vehicle via a GPS receiver and in-car modem. This data is then translated to provide real-time insights.

September 9, 2020

What is car telematics?

Car telematics involves monitoring the location, status and behaviour of a vehicle via a GPS receiver and in-car modem. This data is then translated to provide real-time insights.

Before we get further into this subject, however, it’s worth taking a look at the facts.

In 2019, there were 1,748 reported fatalities and 153,315 casualties of all severities resulting from road traffic accidents in the UK.

If these same statistics applied to deaths or injuries caused by, say, terrorism or street crime in the UK, quite rightly there would be an outcry. And yet governments and the public alike seem remarkably accepting of the status quo, largely in the belief that there is little that can be done about road safety that isn’t being done already. It’s just an unfortunate fact of modern life. Or is it?

The truth is there is more that can be done to make Britain’s roads safer – and it’s happening now…

How does it work?

By tracking a vehicle’s movements through GPS systems, car telematics can record a wide range of data relating to how it is being driven. This includes speed, location, journey time – including duration between stops – acceleration, braking, cornering, and more. This information is then converted into a visual display using computerised mapping software.

Data is processed via a ‘black box’ device – typically about the size of a pack of cards – which is fitted inside the vehicle, usually beneath the dashboard or bonnet. It is inexpensive and both quick and easy to install.

If this all sounds a bit like Big Brother, think again…

What are the benefits?

It’s important for drivers to understand that this technology is designed to support them personally, as well as (for commercial drivers) benefiting the employer and other road users. It isn’t about putting a ‘spy’ in the cab; it’s about putting the individual in control.

By tracking your vehicle’s movements through GPS systems, insurance providers are able to assess your driving and adjust your premium accordingly. Safer driving means fewer accidents, which means fewer claims and, ultimately, lower premiums. In other words, you are being rewarded for safe and responsible driving.

Drivers also have access to their personal driving data (if you’ve installed telematics, this is typically the same data your insurance company uses when assessing your premium). By choosing to monitor your own driving behaviour it enables you to make informed judgements about how you might drive more economically, more efficiently and, vitally, more safely. And once you get into it, it can even be fun! Everyone’s a winner.

Likewise, commercial organisations who install telematics monitoring into their fleet vehicles are able to demonstrate that they are taking active steps to reduce risk. This results in fewer accidents and enhanced driver safety. For this they are rewarded by being charged lower insurance premiums.

Installing car telematics can also benefit car users who, due to their status, are likely to be charged a higher than average premium – such as young or inexperienced drivers, or infrequent drivers with a low annual mileage. Once again, in agreeing to be monitored, you are rewarded with a lower premium.

Car telematics – the benefits at a glance:

  • Improved driver and road user safety
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Access to personal driving data
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Custom reporting and real-time alerts
  • Route compliance
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced employee performance
  • Maximum fuel efficiency
  • Inbuilt anti-theft tracking
  • Extended vehicle life
  • Lower maintenance bills

How GIROUX can help

As specialists in big data processing, GIROUX offers bespoke guidance and advice on all aspects of car telematics. Using our state-of-the-art technology platform we give you relevant real-time insights into driver behaviour while helping you enhance safety, save money and improve efficiencies.

How can GIROUX make a difference to the value of your organisation through the introduction of car telematics?

To find out more or to discuss your needs in detail, get in touch.

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